Getting it Done

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How Do I Get it Done? By “it,” I mean everything. This is probably the question I am most often asked. I really wish there was a magical formula I could sell, but there isn’t…at least not in the physical sense. 

Contrary to belief, I do not have a clone and there are some things I just do not get done, like folding laundry!

I’m a mom of three, a fiance, and have a bonus child. I am a full-time Physician Assistant, I am a member of a non-profit community organization that I once sat on the board of, I write, I work out (sometimes), I participate in pageants and am currently working on my doctorate degree. I also binge-watch reality tv, spend way more time on social media than I should, try to be social and squeeze in outings with friends, and travel.

Yes, just a few things, right? 

Again, no secret formula, but here are some truths. I do not keep a rigid schedule. I need flexibility in what I do because all parents know, things can change in an instant. I have to be adaptable or go insane. I come up with a list in my head of things I’d like to complete in a said time frame and sometimes it happens, and other times it doesn’t. I do not be too hard on myself unless it was something major, but I typically accomplish my big, major goals. 

I have a tendency to be distracted and procrastinate, so I often struggle with getting started. I’m good a zeroing in on a project or task. This has been a challenge for as long as I can remember. If something does not interest me and I find it boring, it takes me forever to complete it. For example, I am currently in school and the two classes I am enrolled in is a research class and social issues, class. I like the class on social issues finding it particularly interesting, meanwhile, I just do not like research and statistics so my other class is boring and takes me forever to finish the work. 

Here are some tips to help you “get it done:” 

  • Figure out what you want to accomplish and assign general deadlines to it
  • Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize. You can’t do everything you want to do at the same time, so put some things on the shelf to do later.  
  • Assign times to perform certain tasks. For example, spend 30 mins a day writing if you want to write a book. 
  • Be realistic. There has to be a balance between the dream and reality. 
  • Do not mourn the failure of completion. If you feel it is necessary to mourn, then it should be brief because part of getting things done is to keep moving forward with the understanding that things will not always work out. 
  • Listen to logic more than your feelings because sometimes, you will not feel like doing anything. This always happens when I start going back to the gym. 
  • Put on the blinders and do not compare. Your goals and your dreams are YOURS. Do not look at what someone else is doing and try to make that your dream, because then it is just their dream…

What would you add to this list?

I Am Jackie

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