I’m a PA, ask about me.

Allow me to introduce myself to many and re-introduce myself to others! I am a physician assistant, also known as a PA.

What’s a PA?

I’m glad you asked!

A PA is a licensed medical professional that has been trained in the medical model, that practices medicine in partnership with physicians. PAs are licensed by state medical boards and pass a national certification examination with recertification every 10 years. (pasdothat.net) PAs do many things including obtaining medical histories, conducting physical examinations, prescribing medication, performing procedures, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, counseling and educating patients and their families…..and even more! Basically, PAs are able to perform any task delegated by a physician that they have been trained to do.

There is a chance you have been treated by a PA and did not know it. PAs practice in all types of settings from hospitals to clinics. They also practice in a variety of specialties, from family practice to cardio-thoracic surgery, and everything in between! PAs are highly skilled medical professionals that have been changing the healthcare game since 1967!

I have been a PA since 2011! It has been one of the best decisions I have made personally and professionally. I cannot wait to share more of my PA experience with you all through my blogs, social media, and my time as a NCCPA Ambassador (don’t worry, this will be explained later)! My goal is to share advice, tips, motivation, stories and more!

I’d love to hear your questions, feedback, and toughts!

I Am Jackie


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